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all the things that i think of and some that i make up....


1] books are dangerous

2] thin hair writes the word: "..........................."

3] san pietrino painted on the upper side (many colours)

4] yellow objects discolour in the desert sun

5] dubita

6] fantastic is a plastic dish turning

7] made in japan is a plastic dish turning by a clock battery engine

8] romantic journey is a very common plastic dish for food and it turns around slowly on the wall

9] a weak bull kills a weak bear kills a weak bull kills a weak bear

10] bank is a plastic dish with cut-out text in it. an electric charge, (the two poles - are fixed to two opposite sides of the dish edge) is brought to it by an electric wire plugged in the socket.

11] made in italy is a roman s. pietrino with a sprayed text on it that says "made in italy". a cardboard-made s.pietrino, that bears the identical shape as the original one, is placed next to it. on top of the real s.pietrino a metal pin is rooted into it.

12] chinese tower on colosseum square in rome - performance at the colosseum metro exit. A chinese woman hands over flyers on which they advertise the raising of funds for building a chinese pagoda(tower) on the colosseum square. the advertising says that the chinese community living in the capital city claim the right to have its own religious/spiritual temple standing next to this major western, roman, monument. the tower, the ad says, will be build out of red plastic modules and is 1mt higher than the colosseum.

13] VACUUM CLEANER tube and flag: the tube of a vacuum cleaner sticks out of a wall, (only the round end of it is visible) the engine of the machine is on. a flag is held to the wall, hostage of the sucking effect of the vacuum.

14] egg on the wall is blowing parfume: an egg sticks out of the wall. in fact it is hanging on it perpendicularly. the egg has a little hole on the front tip of itself. from behind the wall a thin tube sticks out and enter the back of the egg. no one can see the little tube. this tube blows air into the egg. the air blown into it comes out from the little hole in the front tip of the egg. the air blown out is a parfume.

15] permanent pleasure: i can not deny the text is not mine but the origin of it i won't say it here. this is a large light-sign that monumentally stands on the front side of a villa in the north of italy. in one of the large villa's rooms there is a glass standing in the middle on the floor. in this glass a 1euro coin whirls around in it thanks to a thin nylon line that connects the coin to an electric engine installed up in the ceiling. an incessant dinging sound reverberates all around the room [november 2008]

16] monument inside: laos south-east asia_ an object - coin or a golden amulet - is hidden inside a huge charcoal randomly shaped block. the object is dropped in the block by inserting it into a deep round hole(tube) that has been previously drilled in it with a drill machine. the monument hangs 44cm off the ground in a large room and, it turns around slowing thanks to a thin stainless steel wire that connects the block to an electric engine installed up in the ceiling. [december 3rd 2008]

17] REPLICA ROLEX WATCH: I buy a replica watch at a shop in bangkok. I put it as it is in a traditional thai hand-crock(a stone-made bowl with a batter that one uses to mesh and crash herbs etc... . i batter and mix the watch in the bowl until it turns into smithereens. So much so that in the end i'll have a matter that pulverizes completely. the power thus obtained will be displayed in a glass frame. a video will show the crashng process. [december 2008]

18] 98% golden DVD-videoplayer: video-work. the video shows the purchase of a golden bar in a traditional chinese gold-shop in bangkok. the golden bar, which has an estimated value of about 2500,- euro, is hidden inside a dvd-videoplayer. the process of hiding the golden bar is video-recorded and the video is shown in the dvd-videoplayer. the golden bar is hidden in the dvd-videoplayer for real and it is sold as it is for 5000,- euros. [december 24th 2008]

19] nose sneezing eco-power battery: a machine that by using the air-pushing-power of nose-sneezing will produce enough energy to be accumulated in a lithium battery. the energy thus produced will power on a digital-camera lithium battery and the camera will take pictures of the next one person nose-sneezing. [december 24th 2008]

20] the stupid man always says he is going to become clever... : a banknote of euro 20,- has been cut in thin lines of about 2mm thikness and hare used to create two parallel lines glued on a 120x30cm white paper, and framed in a glass. [december 2008]


21] untitled: a 100mt long electric wire is assembled randomly behind a framed glass. one side of the wire is fit with a plug and plugged in a socket. the other side is cleaned up so as to show the bear kopper threads. in between the two sides of the threads a golden bar is hosted. [january 2009]

22] camphor ball with golden object inside: A video recording shows on a lcd screen, the process of purchasing an expensive piece of gold in a shop. after the purchase the rec shows the hiding of this object inside a previously manufactured ball made out of massage balm. the preparation of this massage ball consists of the traditional production of this healing balm. all of the process is being shown at the exhibition space in two different rooms: in one you may see the free standing large balsam-made ball and in another room you may see the lcd screen showing the process of hiding. [january 2009]

23] chancy grabbing: a 1 euro coin is moving across a white paper field. the field is framed (about 100x50cm). a glass with a circular hole, the size of the 1 euro coin, is set in front of the frame, (just like a regular framed glass). the coin is held up in the field thanks to a magnetic system. as the system moves across the field in random fashion so moves the coin with it. the idea is that eventually will move just across the circular hole, enabling thus the observer who is present at that very moment to grab the coin and walk away. [january 2009]

24] bricks wrapping with 1 euro coin: a 1 euro coin is clammed bewteen a number of bricks kept together by a normal tape. [january 2009]

25] Bangladesh illegal immigrants enter the Arte fiera Bologna I take a pic of them and show that one.

26] The making and unmaking of Europe
1- print posters A4 in bangkok with a composition of little flags in various forms
2- print a large poster with letters and/or forms made from the 12 EU stars
3- print a large poster with a text made of stars that says The making and unmaking of Europe
4- next to it a make an animation of the same text/forms
5- print A4 100pieces of the stars messed up on a blue EU field (the 100 pieces are kept togehter in a special made box)

27] EUropean union flag
1- Make a drawing with the EU flag cut out from the 10 Euro banknotes
2- bandiera USA, EU, CHINA, and minor country, knotted together as to hide the minor country
3- enfolding a $US 1 banknote - a 20,- euro banknote is enfolding a $US 1 banknote and is set on a metal pole standing on a mirror plate.
the object turns around and shows the inside containd by the 20 Euro banknote

28] antartica . The Antartica Flag with the communist party symbols in it will be hosted(frozen for unspecific time) in the Antartica reagion. I will get in contact with some researcher working there to ask if they can place the flag that I will make and send to them.
They will then take a pic of it and send it to me. Thanks! ;-)

29] - UNICAMP brazil (proposals to Sylvia furegatti)
1- Building a structure of colourful gibson and hide a "key to revolution" in it.
2- "Building Knowledge" - The construction of two parallel walls at a distance of about 40cm from each other.
The space in between is filled in with books piled up from base to upper side of the walls.
Rain water collected from the building roof is conducted to the piled books by using a pvc tube.
The water is poured into the books slowly, allowing only a few drops per munute to soak the books.
Knowing the expansion property of wood (paper) the soaked books will in the long run (duration of about 2 weeks) expand so much
as to make eventually the two parallel walls to collapse.
3- idealistic revolution

30] - chulalongkorn university (proposals to the director of art centeri) duo show with JUSTIN mills.
1- Photocopy Krishnamurti speech to UN untill the endddddd
2- Speech of Krishnamurti blurred and word speech all mixed up
3- Flags all over the world with symbols on it
4- Coin line

31] The most beautiful moments of my life (A digital clock that just moves on into time...tick, tick, tick, tick....
da Giorgio Bettinelli's last page of his book BRUM BRUM)




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