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the super genetic market® an ongoing art project and site-specific interactive installation | ®1995>2007 | the pictures on this page show the super genetic market® presented at bedsupperclub, bangkok in 2005. the project here was made possible thanks to a projectsubsidie generously provided by the netherlands foundation for the visual arts, design & architecture, amsterdam.
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the super genetic market® is a project that i have been developing over the last 15 years and that i have transformed into a kind of travelling "commercial art enterprise". as a matter of fact, This futuristic supermarket is more than only a shop meant to generate profit. the super genetic market® changes its look each time that i strike deals with art venues, institutions, sponsors, or other companies. over the last 10 years I have set up this project and redesigned it site-specifically for the most diverse public places such as: art galleries, museums, concept bars/restaurants, night clubs, tourist resorts, commercial/industrial fairs, etc…The Super Genetic Market® is a "colourful tool" for social use with which to explore the boundaries between art and mass marketing, genetics and ethics, human dislikes and desires and finally, it is a paradoxical context that conceals the serious debate that has sparked between economy and politics since we have entered this field of basic human concerns. in this "supermarket" one has the opportunity to reflect upon his/her personal and special status of human being and idealistically acquire the access to a superior life (...) I don't quite recall whether it was 1994 or 1996 that the staggering news, (staggering for the masses, that is) about the cloning of Dolly the sheep got the headlines of most popular world newspapers. Back then I found this news pretty funny, due also to the fact that they showed this animal as if it was a happily new and divine being fallen from outer space. from that moment on, i thought to myself, we would enter a history of public concern that would never be turned back. the most important aspect of our life had been touched deeply and all of a sudden the desire of a perfect human being was no longer a dream. the "super man" would be in the real aspirations of the common man and it would obsess his life for centuries to come.
it is back then that i started to fantasize on the possibility of "playing gods" in a creative way, just like many scientists are said to be doing nowadays. and it is then that i deviced this “ironic presentation” of a genetic pharmacy where one can come to shop the genes of his/her choice.(...)
please for more detailed information on this project refer to the extensive website:

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