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Franco Angeloni was born in Rome in 1967. He studied Art history, graphic designing and printing Arts at the Pomezia Art Institute (Rome), moving to Amsterdam in 1990 city of residence.
His works and ideas have been represented by private galleries and exhibited in public institutions and museums across Europe, Asia, as well as in the USA.

During the early 90’s he begun to practice painting and drawing with clear yet genuine references to American abstract expressionism of the mid 50’s. But his close contact with the northern European art scene and an accidental meeting during an exhibition in Rome with a group of very young English artists, (Anya Gallaccio, Damien Hirst, Gavin Turk, Gary Hume, C. Wyn Evans, etc…), was soon to turn his attention to that newly born British art wave - that was just trying to bring art back to “real life” - and to transform his personal attitude towards art, what art stands for, its meaning and function, forever. From that moment on life and art practicing became one. (…).

In 1994/96, he attended a specialization course at the dept. of Monumental Design at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague (NL). During the years of activity, he has received grants and awards by different National and International Institutions. Since 1998, the Fonds BKVB (Dutch Foundation for the Visual Arts, Design and Architecture) has financially supported his artistic activity on a biennial basis. These grants are awarded by this art foundation to visual artists for carrying on research within the arts and for further developing a professional carrier in this field.
Angeloni’s interest in multi-ethnicity, territory transformation, and local culture in general has taken him to travel around the World and meet with new people and situations. During the last few years he has grown a keen interest in developing projects based on intercultural exchanges. In this perspective part of his time has been devoted to create international connections between artists, curators, galleries and institutions. (…). Over the years, his creative activities have become increasingly fragmented, taking on a shape and manner that often invades fields that go far beyond those usually connected to the visual Arts. Consequently, even the new digital communication technologies, as well as the contemporary global social structure and the environmental concerns have been used to make the very definition of Art more flexible.
Being an inexhaustible multiple links-seeker, Angeloni has thus always subtly included in his work signs that make the public wonder whether what they are seeing is traditional art or something “other”. (…).

_Angeloni says: ”Speaking of the specific Artistic field, the interaction and co-operation with fellow artists whom I regularly meet, has always been the keyword for developing new projects and fostering the debate on the current evolution of Art.  In this respect, I would like to add that part of my activity, as an artist has constantly been devoted to creating stronger links between nations and artists, (….).
As a joke, some of my friends have nicknamed me the “ International Ambassador of Culture “.
_With his roots in formal-abstract painting and design, Angeloni has abandoned this “lyrical self-referent vision” to strike up a dialogue that is far closer to everyday contemporary language. Retaining his own inevitable taste for form, not to mention a so-called “oscillating balance” between ethics and aesthetics, he has recently turned his interest to a practical inventiveness that cannot be labeled by using artistic-creative parameters alone. …>
The objective presentation of work (video installations, performances, snap-shots, drawings, initiation of public events, promotion of small market economies[…..], web interactions, etc…), thus become a means to stimulate an open dialogue between the author and his audience, offering a possible alternative to the “language” of everyday necessity.


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